Overwatch 2 devs bring back missing maps after long-awaited bug fix

Jeremy Gan
Overwatch Paraiso is ren-enabled after bug fix

Overwatch 2’s devs have brought back two missing maps, Paraiso and Antarctic Peninsula, after a long-awaited fix of a game-breaking bug.

A week before Season 5 was gearing up for its long-awaited release, a game-breaking bug was discovered by nsbunited which could essentially break the game for many players. 

The glitch saw Mercy have an odd interaction on Paraiso, one which allowed players to use their pistol and staff animations at the same time, which dropped the FPS for everyone in the server to a near unplayable level.

It was eventually discovered the same glitch could be triggered on Antarctic Peninsula, and both maps would eventually be disabled. But finally, the bugs have been fixed with the maps now making a return. 

In the June 28 patch notes, the devs wrote of the bug fixes, “fixed an issue causing low FPS performance when specific heroes were in certain areas.” 

And with the fixes, both maps will now be playable once again, with the FPS drop bug purportedly no longer in the game. In the patch notes, devs also fixed bugs with the spawn rooms, and a glitch on Watchpoint Gibraltar which allowed defenders to enter an attacker’s spawn room. 

However, these aren’t the only changes players will be getting in Season 5, as more mid-season patches are scheduled for the game, which will undoubtedly shake up the game once more.

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