Overwatch 2 players are breaking new Antarctica map by fishing too much

antarctica peninsula map overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s new Antarctic Peninsula map is suffering from an overfishing problem early on in Season 3, one that has almost been breaking games.

Overwatch 2’s newest control map arrived with the launch of Season 3. The frosty new control map takes place on the Antarctic Peninsula, complete with penguins, fishing, and snow.

The new map features three different points to capture, as well as penguins that can be shot at. There’s also a brand-new fishing mini-game, which allows players to fire at fishing holes to score fish for their team.

It appears that Overwatch 2 players are enjoying fishing a little too much, however. So much so that it’s almost been crashing games. Players have discovered that the amount of fish you get is based on the damage or bullets you’ve fired, meaning heroes like D.Va and Bastion absolutely excel at dredging up fish.

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Players realized that they could all play Bastion and fire at the fishing spot simultaneously, resulting in masses of fish popping out.

This seems all fine and dandy, as fishing is always super fun, and seeing all the fish fly out of the fishing hole is amusing. That is until you realize that the fish cause horrible FPS issues for all those involved.

Due to the massive amount of new visual assets being dredged up by the heroes, the game isn’t quite able to keep up and absolutely demolishes everyone’s framerates. It’s uncertain if the frame rate issue only occurs for those involved or if it affects everyone on the map. In this case, it could be abused by players who’re trying to manipulate the game for their benefit, similar to the bug that was found on Junker Town.

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It’s not certain that Blizzard will be looking to change this fishing mini-game any time in the future, but if this exploit becomes more widespread, Blizzard may have to step in on this one.