Overwatch 2’s new Flashpoint game mode will join OWL rotation just 1 month before Playoffs

Jeremy Gan
Flashpoint coming into Overwatch League

Overwatch 2’s newest game mode, Flashpoint, will be part of OWL’s mode rotation just one month before the 2023 Playoffs begin.

Overwatch 2 has had a plethora of announcements over the past weeks, with Blizzard dropping a flurry of details surrounding both Season 5 and the upcoming Season 6

And one of the most important announcements, that seems to have been lost in the mix, is the arrival of a new core game mode, Flashpoint. The game mode is intended to fill the gap left by the removed Assault game mode, aka 2CP.

But what many may have missed with the recently wrapped Overwatch League Midseason Madness is that Flashpoint is not only just a new core mode, but it will even be added to the rotation for competitive play. 

Clip starts at 2:52:42

During a Watchpoint desk segment between the Lower Final and Grand Final matches, the desk talked about some new content that’s coming with Season 6, in particular Flashpoint. 

It was there on the Watchpoint desk that they announced the game mode will be added on August 25 to OWL. This introduction will come 15 days after its official release with Season 6 on August 10. 

This leaves roughly one month between its arrival in OWL at the tail-end of the Summer Stage for the West and East conferences, and the beginnings of the Playoffs around the end of September.

Flashpoint’s addition means for the first time in OWL history, there will be five different game modes for competitive play; Control, Escort, Hybrid, Push, and Flashpoint. 

Overwatch Hanamura 2CP map
Hanamura was one of several 2CP maps which were staples in OWL

However, the devs, nor Watchpoint, revealed if Flashpoint will replace one of the already existing game modes, the way Push replaced 2CP when Overwatch 2 was integrated into OWL. 

Watchpoint also revealed other new details about the game mode. Implying that the Flashpoint maps will be the biggest PvP maps to date, and so far there are two new maps being added to the rotation. 

If you would like to read more about what Flashpoint will entail, you can check it out here.

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