Overwatch 2’s auto-buy skin glitch quietly fixed but Blizzard remains silent on refunds

Overwatch 2 auto-buy glitchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 devs have finally fixed up an auto-buy glitch from the game, however, Blizzard is yet to issue refunds to the users who were affected by the bug.

At launch, an Overwatch 2 chat bug was causing players to accidentally buy unwanted skins. The purchases not able to be refunded, according to the development team. Devs Blizzard have now patched up the bug in their latest hotfix update. However, they are yet to confirm if those who suffered will be getting refunded for the skins that were forcibly bought from their account.

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When the issue was first noticed, Overwatch 2 players went to the official Overwatch 2 Reddit page to report the problem. Revealing how the accidental skin purchases were stemming from the in-game chat function. At the time the issue was reported, Blizzard responded, confirming that refunds would not be given.

And while it has now been seemingly fixed, Blizzard has made no mention of handing money back – potentially in an attempt to avoid having to deal with refunding those who have been affected by the bug. Given how many users have been affected by the bug since it was first reported, players are hoping Blizzard will provide some sort of compensation for the accidental purchases.

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The launch for Overwatch 2 has been riddled with issues on top of this particular headache. From long wait times to server breakdowns, Blizzard has been working non-stop to hash out the bugs, glitches and server problems that arrived with the game. The Overwatch 2 auto-buy glitch is now the latest major issue to be resolved by Blizzard. 

Some players are still unable to access their Overwatch 1 content, with locks to characters, cosmetics and more being placed on content. As well as this, Blizzard has just recently had to disable two characters – Bastion and Torbjorn – from the game. This has been done in light of some game-breaking bugs that developed shortly after launch.

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In Dexerto’s review of Overwatch 2, we wrote that “new players may balk at the grind ahead despite the move to free-to-play” but that the sequel includes “smart changes to its core gameplay.” For all the latest news, guides, and updates for Overwatch 2, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.

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