Some Overwatch 2 players can’t access heroes and skins unlocked from OW1

Overwatch 2 skins headerBlizzard Entertainment

Many Overwatch 2 players are still unable to access content from OW1, with some gamers even reporting they’ve lost all skins and characters from the original game.

With Overwatch 2 now live, with the transition over to the sequel has been going less smoothly than what developer Blizzard might have been hoping for. In particular, many players are coming out in droves to report issues with previous content not transferring over.

In essence, players are detailing the loss of skins, characters, other cosmetics, and in-game currency. These issues are being reported to the Overwatch forums as well as on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter.

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Things like weapon skins, character unlocks, and more have all been reported by players as being lost, with no way at the moment to recover any of the data and progress that has been lost. The official Blizzard Customer Support Twitter page has posted that they are aware of the bug and issue however, players are still extremely disappointed and concerned about the development.

For the time being, it means those impacted by the issue are unable to play Overwatch 2 with a vast majority of heroes at their disposal. For some, that means no playing their mains or their most-reliable characters until a fix is deployed.

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A full week on from launch and this problem still remains prevalent. While Blizzard has apologized and assured “no player data has been wiped or lost,” it still remains unclear when the issues may be resolved.

Other notable bugs that are plaguing the game at launch are connection issues with the server as well as problems in regards to Overwatch players merging their PC and console accounts. And while Blizzard is aware of these issues, they are yet to come out and confirm when or how they will be addressed.

Overwatch was first released back in 2016, with the game praised by fans and critics – even being voted by many as the game of the year. However, popularity for the game has decreased in recent years – the emergence of other games likes like Valorant a factor in the decline of Overwatch.

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However, the release of Overwatch 2 could be a way for developer Blizzard to bring new life and excitement to the franchise, assuming they are quick to fix up these issues surrounding players accessing old skins and characters.

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