Overwatch 2 unveils special 4CP game mode for new Starwatch event

Ryan Lemay
The empire team in Overwatch 2 Galactic Rescue.

Activision Blizzard announced a new LTM mode ahead of the upcoming Overwatch 2 Starwatch event.

Overwatch 2 has tried its fair share of new modes to a mixed reception from community members. In season 2, the Olympus FFA mode was labeled as the “worst” event in Overwatch history because of a lack of rewards and gameplay variation that frustrated players.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, OW2’s new Push mode received heaps of praise. So much so, Apex Legends players called upon the devs to copy the mode for a new LTM.

Blizzard went back to the well and announced a new innovative game mode coming in Season 4. Here is everything you need to know about the Galatic Rescue LTM.

Overwatch 2 Galactic Rescue explained

Overwatch Starwatch introduces a new game mode, a fan-favorite map redesign, and exclusive rewards. The developers gave fans a rundown on what fans can expect from Galactic Rescue.

The game mode is 4v4, with players either choosing to fight alongside the empire or with the rebellion. There are four different capture points spread out across the map. Teams defend and attack each point depending on what team you are on.

The rebellion attempts to rescue the droid 3-HCO before she gives out the rebellion’s plans, which is an homage to Star Wars: A New Hope, As C-3PO held on to the Death Star plans.

A Doomfist NPC provides the attacking team backup while they attempt to capture all four points before time expires. The defending team doesn’t get any AI help but has laser turrets’ support at each point.

Gravity implosion barrels are a new mechanic on the map that pulls in enemy and ally fighters when shot. Players fly into the air when the final point is reached as the map loses gravity. If a user falls to their demise, they can be revived by teammates.

Hopefully, players enjoy Overwatch 2’s latest crossover event.