Overwatch 2 Starwatch event: Dates, Galactic Rescue mode, Horizon Lunar Colony rework, more

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 moon

Overwatch 2 players are in for a treat with the newest “Starwatch” event recently released in Season 4 of Overwatch 2. Starwatch comes with the revamp of Horizon Star Colony, a 4v4 game mode featuring some favorite heroes, new skins, and more. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the Starwatch event in Overwatch 2.

Starwatch has just been released in Overwatch 2. The premiere event for Season 4 of Blizzard’s hero shooter, the celebration showcases a revamped Horizon Lunar Colony map with a 4v4 control game mode to come with it.

There are plenty of goodies to grab whilst this event is active as well, so it’s a good idea to brush up on what’s on offer. With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about the Starwatch event.

Overwatch 2 Sigma Mythic skin
Overwatch 2 is heading to the stars in Season 4.

Overwatch 2 Starwatch event: Start & end dates

The limited-time Starwatch event in Overwatch 2 is set to be available from Tuesday, May 9 to Monday, May 22.

As usual with in-game events, this gives players roughly two weeks to jump in and enjoy the latest spacefaring spectacle.

Starwatch event introduces new Galactic Rescue game mode

Arriving as part of the Starwatch event in Overwatch 2 is the Galactic Rescue game mode. As a 4v4 playlist, teams are split into the Infinite Empire or the Watchers, represented by their attire. The Infinite Empire is a seemingly powerful legion, hosting Sigma, Mercy, Sojourn, Soldier 76, and potentially more. For the Watchers, players can join as a large roster of characters, with Torbjorn, Wrecking Ball, and Lucio being featured.

The Watchers will also be accompanied by the NPC Bonebreaker aka Doomfist who is aiming to save the drone 3-HCO before she gives out the rebellion’s plan.

These two teams will need to attack or defend 4 different capture points on the revamped Horizon Lunar Colony.

Horizon Lunar Colony rework in Starwatch event

Early in 2022, long before Overwatch 2 arrived, two particularly divisive maps were removed from the game. Among them was Horizon Lunar Colony. Now with no form of Assault game mode in the sequel, the map remains unplayable in a competitive setting, purely serving as a nostalgia hit in Arcade modes.

With the new Starwatch event, however, Horizon is coming back in a unique way. Blizzard has “reworked” the map to fit its new Galactic Rescue game mode.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 gameplay
Horizon Lunar Colony is back on the menu in Season 4.

This rework includes 4 new capture points for players to battle through, as well as a Galactic evil empire overdo that makes the map rather red. The map will also feature Laser turrets that the Watchers will need to battle through in order to capture the objectives.

Alongside this, Gravity Implosion Barrels have been revealed. These will create a Zarya-like Graviton Surge at their location once destroyed, causing mayhem to be unleashed on anyone nearby.

Starwatch event rewards in Overwatch 2 Season 4

As you might expect, just by playing this limited-time Starwatch mode, you can access a range of event rewards in Overwatch 2.

For players not looking to splash the cash for this event, they’ll be able to grab an Epic Wrecking Ball Skin, Weapon Charm, and more according to a recent Overwatch 2 tweet.

It’s likely that several of these Galactic-themed skins will also feature in the store throughout the event, meaning players can pick up a new attire for their favorite hero if they’ve got some extra Overwatch coins lying around.