Overwatch 2 streamer “masters” Soldier 76 Ultimate using bizarre technique

Andrew Highton
soldier 76 pose in overwatch 2

Soldier 76 is one of Overwatch 2’s most popular characters and has been since the beginning. We’ve seen all kinds of crazy plays down the years, but one player has mastered the Hero’s Ultimate in an unconventional way.

It seems hard to believe now, but there was a time when Blizzard’s Hero shooter only had 21 characters. Fast-forward to Overwatch 2, and we now have a whopping 37 different Heroes to choose from. One of the longest-serving stalwarts of the franchise has easily been Soldier 76.

The Damage Hero has had plenty of longevity in terms of his effectiveness and remains one of the game’s best-picked characters. His Heavy Pulse Rifle is accurate and offers a ton of damage, and his backup abilities are nothing to scoff at.

Soldier 76’s Ultimate Ability is where he really shines though. Effectively a free aim hack, his Tactical Visor automatically locks onto anyone in sight. One player demonstrated an unusual example of how to make his Ultimate even more deadly though.

Soldier 76 Ultimate made even deadlier in Overwatch 2

“I’ve mastered Soldier 76’s Ultimate. I’ll take questions now,” was the statement delivered by an Overwatch 2 marshalmommy. The player also had video evidence to back up their wild claims too.

A 25-second video consisting of two different passages of gameplay showed the user decimating enemy players. In the first instance, they received Play of the Game, taking out four players in the process. In the second clip, they managed another impressive four-kill haul.

On the other hand, you can’t help but notice the completely haphazard, random way they go about getting the kills. The player pretty much manages to spray and pray with an auto-lock mechanic, and the game is so precise that it allows the user to concentrate their fire on multiple targets at once.

When jokingly asked how to replicate the technique, they replied: “I’d recommend playing on top of a washing machine with a dpi of 4000 in order to really understand how to jiggle your hands, once you’ve mastered that, I think you’re all set!”

The community loved the plays with one user saying: “Bro you’re fricking hilarious, keep doing you out there!” and another adding: “I need to start doing this. The POTGs will be hilarious.”

In a community known for being a serious one at times, light-hearted stories like this are nice to see. If you’re playing Soldier 76, it might be worth trying this technique out during the game’s Starwatch event.

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