Overwatch 2 streamer discovers D.Va exploit that increases weapon fire rate

Andrew Highton
overwatch 2 dva

D.Va has a new exploit in Overwatch 2 that causes her main weapon to fire a lot faster than usual. A streamer inadvertently stumbled across this bug when going through the game’s configuration settings.

Some problems have been cropping up in Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 as of late. Only recently the devs finally made Sigma active again after discovering a game-breaking bug. Additionally, Tracer has also undergone a hidden nerf making her easier to track in the shooter.

Now, everyone’s favorite gaming hero D.Va has been struck down by an exploit in Overwatch 2. Based on the circumstances required to use the exploit, players believe that this is another unintended bug and “do not believe that Blizzard is testing these patches before pushing them to live.”

D.Va bug makes Overwatch 2 tougher for her opponents

Twitch streamer KristenRae recently took to Twitter to alert her followers and all Overwatch 2 players that a “new Overwatch 2 bug just dropped.”

They explained: “Binding your primary fire on D.Va to [the] scroll wheel allows her to shoot considerably faster. I simply just do not believe that Blizzard is testing these patches before pushing them to live.”

To back up the point, the streamer also attached a video to the tweet. In it, they showed D.Va’s Fusion Cannons firing as normal and everything seemed fine. Then, the streamer did assign D.Va’s primary fire to the scroll wheel and the fire rate noticeably become faster.

In response, one Twitter user said: “Once again, Blizzard’s testing team is proving their worth,” and another added: “Well, that’s not good at all.”

On the other hand, some players believe the time-to-kill isn’t affected at all: “It just sounds like it’s shooting faster, if you time it it’s the exact same DPS.” Is this just a visual glitch? We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard addresses the new D.Va exploit.

With the Overwatch League 2023 ongoing and Starwatch event underway, the devs have a lot to juggle at the moment it seems.