Overwatch 2’s Los Muertos weapon skin unleashes bizarre Soldier 76 bug

Brianna Reeves
overwatch 2 soldier 76 bug

Soldier 76 has been hit with a T-posing bug after the recent release of Overwatch 2’s Los Muertos weapon skins.

An in-game shop refresh recently added new premium weapon skins to Overwatch 2. The skins in question, labeled Los Muertos, specifically apply to Junkrat and Soldier 76.

Players can either purchase the skins at 1,200 Overwatch Coins a pop or pick them up in a mega bundle for 1,900 Overwatch Coins. Most notably, the latest designs come with extra bells and whistles – luminescent lights that change colors in light and dark areas.

However, at least one of the skins has thrown an odd glitch into the mix that affects Soldier 76’s behavior under certain circumstances.

User Gods-Mistake-png shared footage of the Overwatch 2 Soldier 76 bug in a Reddit post. As seen in the clip above, the error occurs when Soldier has the Los Muertos skin equipped and tries performing the “March” emote.

The glitch itself sees the camera pull back to show a third-person view of the hero standing in a T-pose. Reads the Redditor’s caption, “Weird bug when you use try out the Los Muertos skin and use the March emote.”

Interestingly enough, Overwatch 2 players in the thread aren’t too bothered by the Soldier 76 bug. One comment reads, “I see no issue.”

“Never fix this blizzard,” another person chimed in. Likewise, a few others joined in to say they’d like to see the glitch stick around permanently.

According to one Redditor, this T-pose hiccup isn’t exclusive to Soldier 76. “I had the same thing happen with Reinhardt and his Sweethardt emote, it even had the exact same pose.” They went on to note that the error, apparently, only rears its head when testing the skin in Overwatch 2‘s Practice Range.