Overwatch 2 players discover a Lifeweaver & Orisa one-shot combo

Lifeweaver Orisa one shot comboBlizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver’s unique kit has mostly been used to save other players and enable his teammates to dive the backline without worry, but players have figured out that Life Grip can be paired with Orisa for some devastating results.

Unlike most other heroes in Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver’s kit makes his strength a bit hard to place and very dependent on the player. There’s no stat that determines how effective he is, but your tank will thank you if you manage to save them in a pinch. Or flame you if you pull them out at the wrong time.

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With his abilities so heavily focused on repositioning, Lifeweaver’s skill ceiling is incredibly high. But it also leaves room for players to innovate and create interesting combos with other heroes.

While much of Lifeweaver’s more complex tech is about saving teammates and getting them out of danger or denying the enemy team, the latest Lifeweaver tech gives him some offensive power when paired with Orisa.

Lifeweaver player discovers potent Orisa combo in Overwatch 2

Orisa’s ultimate is one of the weaker tank ultimates in the game on its own. It forces Orisa to stand still, has a large windup after pulling enemies toward the center, and can have its damage easily avoided by any ability that gives players a brief period of immunity.

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However, Overwatch 2 players willing to experiment a little have gotten a ton of value out of Orisa. From sending her ult in fully charged via Symmetra’s teleporter, to using her pull to drag the entire enemy team off the map with her, players have found ways to make her ultimate a lot more useful.

The latest innovation comes from a Lifeweaver that pulled an Orisa into the sky, essentially slingshotting a fully-charged Orisa ultimate directly into the enemy team for a meteoric impact.

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Orisa’s ultimate is predictable when it’s charged on the ground. But when it’s flying at you from above? This strategy is a great way to catch players off guard.

What’s more, the players in this clip were doing it purely by using the elevation off Lifeweaver’s platform. If used at the maximum Life Grip range of 30 meters, it’d be entirely possible to send Orisa’s fully charged 500 damage ultimate directly into the enemy, almost guaranteeing a one-hit kill on everyone but the tank.

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Overwatch 2 players are continuing to discover more and more tech with Lifeweaver in the weeks following his release. Who knows what they’ll cook up next?

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