Overwatch 2 puts almost every Legendary skin from OW1 up for purchase

overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 has added iconic skins from the original game for players to purchase in the Hero Gallery, offering better access to past favorites.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 was released on February 7, and there is a lot of new content for players to look through and experience.

There are 80 new tiers to grind through, a new map, an Ultimate Valentine event, and an anime collaboration with the hit series One Punch Man among many other tweaks and changes to the game.

Along with the new update, Blizzard has announced players will be able to buy skins from Overwatch 1 within the Hero Gallery. These were previously been locked behind an intense grind in OW1, only to come back at limited times in Overwatch 2. A whole slew of skins have been made available for every Overwatch player all at once.

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Overwatch 2 adds skins from the original game

A Tweet from the official Overwatch account has announced fans will be able to unlock skins from the first Overwatch game in the Hero Gallery. 

Players can get 5 free battle pass tier unlocks by logging in between February 11 – 14. Completing the battle pass also grants players 1500 Overwatch Credits that can be used to purchase some goodies like the recolor skins for older heroes, as well as some sprays. Unfortunately, Credits can’t be used to purchase any new or high-tier skins.

In the original Overwatch, players could get these Legendary skins by either obtaining them from a loot box or using currency to craft them in the shop. Some event skins were also only obtainable and craftable during certain periods of time. Now, all these skins have been put up for purchase in Overwatch 2 for premium currency at any time of the year.

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Fans are also able to link their accounts from Overwatch 1 to its sequel in order to transfer over the skins they already acquired while playing the first game.

The change to purchasing these legendary skins is definitely exciting for Overwatch 2 players, and will offer better access to event skins from the first game that they may have missed out on.