Overwatch 2 producer updates fans on PvE story mode & new features in development

Overwatch 2 PvE updateBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s Executive Producer has shared some unfortunate news about the upcoming PvE story campaign alongside exciting new features planned for 2023.

The launch of Overwatch 2 has been mixed. While the gameplay has benefited immensely by the switch to 5v5, the Battle Pass, skin prices, and botched ranked system have left players feeling frustrated.

Blizzard has revealed plans to fix a lot of these problems when Season 2 begins on December 6, but for many, their attention is fixated on the anticipated PvE campaign.

In a series of tweets, Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss revealed how development was proceeding, but warned not to expect the PvE mode to launch anytime soon.

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Overwatch 2 BlizzConline 2019Blizzard Entertainment
It wouldn’t be a PvE mode without talent trees.

Blizzard shares concerning update about Overwatch 2 PvE

Highlighting plans to reveal gameplay for the upcoming tank hero Ramattra, Neuss teased “a ton of fun stuff to be excited about” when Season 2 launches.

“Excited to hear your feedback so that we can keep refining our plans for future updates. We’re listening,” he said, addressing issues players have experienced with the game.

In response to a fan curious about the development of PvE content and if players can expect news about the story campaign “soon”, Neuss was straightforward.

“We’re going to be super focused on Season 2 in what I would consider the ‘soon’ timeframe,” he admitted. “We’ll be talking about PvE and other highly anticipated features in the future but you may have to wait a bit.”

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Neuss further stated that while this answer likely isn’t what fans wanted to hear, he added that he wasn’t allowed to say more.

So far, the PvE content is still planned for 2023 and hasn’t been delayed beyond that, but players looking forward to a clan or tournament system may have to wait a bit longer than they thought.