Overwatch 2 players want Sombra buffs after “awful” winrate stats

Sombra in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has released Overwatch 2 data for hero winrates in the first beta and players are not happy with how Sombra has performed after her rework.

The Talon hacker hero Sombra has been one of the most controversial characters since her addition to the game. With a very teamwork-focused kit, history has shown players have immense difficulty utilizing her in Overwatch’s solo-queue environment.

However, on teams with good communication, Sombra has proven to be a dominant pick with players taking advantage of her ability-disabling hacks and powerful EMP ultimate.

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The Overwatch 2 devs modified Sombra’s kit in the sequel, reworking hack to work even while invisible and letting her deal more damage to hacked targets while decreasing the time abilities are disabled. Sadly, players don’t think these changes haven’t done enough to improve her and want more done.

Sombra OW2 changesBlizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s Overwatch 2 changes haven’t had the desired outcome.

Sombra players call for Overwatch 2 buffs

On May 24, Blizzard released statistics for the beta, documenting how hero pick and winrates influence their balancing philosophy.

One of the heroes with a low winrate throughout the beta was Sombra, who never eclipsed the 48% mark, even after being buffed during the beta period. As such, players are hoping for some buffs in the near future.

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“I find it kind of funny how even after a rework, Sombra still has her same awful winrate,” a Redditor wrote.

“Sombra’s problem is that she’s supposed to 1v1 but without locking abilities and a measly damage buff it only barely breaks even with who she is supposed to kill if they don’t land any abilities,” said another. “Why would I 1v1 someone on almost even ground hoping to just barely out play them when I can just play Soldier?”

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Sombra activates EMPBlizzard Entertainment
Sombra has been a very tough hero to balance.

Will Sombra be buffed in the next OW2 beta?

Other players had some ideas on how the devs could improve her. One suggestion popular amongst Sombra enthusiasts was increasing the time it takes to hack a target while invisible while decreasing the time while uncloaked.

It’s not clear yet how the developers plan on buffing Sombra, but they did seem to tease as much in the data blog post, stating that the adjustments, “did not result in much of a change in her win rate.”

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Hopefully, we’ll find out what Blizzard has planned for all of the game’s heroes when information for the second beta is revealed on June 16.