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Overwatch player throws PC in lake to overcome alleged video game addiction

Published: 23/May/2022 22:31

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch player fighting an addiction to Blizzard’s hero shooter took desperate measures to overcome their unhealthy fixation on the video game.

As Blizzard continues to develop Overwatch 2 in preparation for the second beta, fans have returned to the first game. While not everyone was happy to go back to 6v6 gameplay with 2CP maps, one player found Blizzard’s title to be a bit too addicting.

In a since-deleted Twitter video, user Fl4k_Drifter went to a lake with their laptop while Overwatch was loaded on it and proceeded to toss it into the water.

The clip spread throughout the Overwatch community, eventually prompting Fl4k_Drifter to delete it, but not before they explained just how bad their addiction to the game was.


Overwatch player reveals unhealthy game addiction

According to Drifter, he had played the game nearly every day since it was released and it began to interfere with schoolwork.

“The community mixed with the gameplay just kept me hooked, I didn’t want to do anything else. It got in the way of my college courses. I just don’t have good discipline,” the user revealed.

The gamer went on to elaborate on how his parents wouldn’t let him bring his PC to school, so he got a laptop and began playing nonstop while skipping classes.

“Simply uninstalling it would have resulted in my reinstalling it within a few days. The game made me withdraw from my semester,” Drifter added. “I was addicted to that game as far as addictions can reach. It wasn’t a hobby, it was an addiction I couldn’t detach myself from. Like a drug addiction with less health factors.”


Amazingly, Drifter even claimed that his therapist compared his Overwatch addiction to being addicted to cocaine.

Despite the original video of the laptop being thrown in the lake being deleted, Drifter did re-upload it in reverse as a joke about returning to the game.

Many in the Overwatch community have supported Drifter’s decision to dispose of his laptop, remarking how dangerous addiction can be. Hopefully, the player’s drastic measures prove to be successful and he can get on with his life without the video game interfering with his school career.