Overwatch 2 players want LFG Team Queue overhaul as mode declared “dead” already

Michael Gwilliam
lucio and dva in ow2

Overwatch 2 players have already declared the long-awaited Team Queue mode “dead” and want Blizzard to make some serious upgrades to it.

Blizzard pleased many fans by finally unveiling a Team Queue ranked mode in Season 5, where players could group together in a five-stack regardless of their SR to compete together.

While this feature has been one many players have requested for quite some time now and resulted in some fun games, the mode’s release came at a time when a previous OW1 feature, “Looking for Group,” was removed.

Unfortunately, not very many people seem to be partaking in Team Queue – and now fans are urging Blizzard to make some adjustments to it for the next time it rolls around.

Overwatch 2 players demand big changes to Team Queue

Popular Overwatch content creator KarQ was one of the first to remark on how dead Team Queue felt after waiting over an hour to get a match.

“We need a specific day where everyone plays it so we can find some matches like Mystery Hero Tuesdays,” he suggested.

Elsewhere, players on Reddit began discussing how no one they knew was playing the mode, with some theorizing that Team Queue didn’t do enough to “encourage” people to play it.

“Team queue would 100% be the preferred way to play this game but they need to implement way more to make it work. Tournament system, clans, LFG, so on,” someone replied with their wishlist.

According to the devs, the LFG feature “had some social and disruptive behavior problems that we never solved,” and that’s why it hasn’t made a return. Still, players were hopeful that it would come back for Team Queue.

“I mean, LFG wasn’t great, but this would be the ideal time to have it. I hope the devs aren’t judging the potential popularity of team/tournament modes just off this LTM,” said another.

The underperformance of Team Queue could have repercussions for the future, with Game Director Aaron Keller stating that its popularity could result in an internal tournament system being added.

Doomfist and the rest of Talon
Groups are struggling to find matches.

Many players agreed that the removal of LFG had a major impact on Team Queue, and if the feature still existed, perhaps the mode would have been a resounding success.

We’ll have to see what Blizzard opts for in the future, but until then, fans have a lot to look out for with the arrival of PvE story missions when Overwatch 2 Invasion begins in August.

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