Hidden Overwatch 2 Team Queue feature gives some players a massive advantage

Michael Gwilliam
soldier 76 in ow2

Overwatch 2’s new Team Queue mode comes with a special feature that can provide some serious benefits to players that have a flexible hero pool.

Season 5 of Overwatch 2 added a long-awaited competitive Team Queue allowing five stacks to group up regardless of what rank they are.

Normally, teams decide what role they’re going to be playing between queuing and are locked into either tank, support or DPS for the game’s duration, but Blizzard had a trick up its sleeve.

Now, while one tank, two DPS, and two supports are still enforced, players can actually swap with teammates between rounds of Hybrid and Payload, resulting in some very interesting matches.

Overwatch 2 Team Queue feature helps flexible players win more

In order to take advantage of this feature, it helps when you have a flexible team who can play different heroes.

For instance, say your team could benefit from having a Sigma, but your tank teammate isn’t too good with him. You can change roles with your tank teammate so they pick a DPS or support while the person they swapped with can pick Sigma.

This type of scenario happened during a close ranked gaming featuring Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers Emongg and Flats.

(segment begins at 15:10)

Emongg and Flats are both skilled tanks, but right before their final defense, the team decided that it would be better to run Reinhardt and hold at the enemy spawn to deal with their opponents’ dive.

As such, Flats switched from DPS to tank to play Reinhardt, leaving Emongg to go onto Soldier 76. This ended up paying dividends as the streamers took home the win thanks to the intelligent change.

“I love that we made that swap,” an excited Emongg grinned after the victory screen popped up.

Hopefully, the success of Team Queue can lead to more ways to play Overwatch in the future such as a tournament option – something the devs say they’re looking into.

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