Overwatch 2 players spot JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure easter egg on new map

Jeremy Gan
JoJo reference in new Overwatch 2 map

Overwatch 2 players have spotted a cheeky JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure easter egg in the upcoming Flashpoint map, New Junk Street. 

Overwatch 2’s devs in the past have certainly declared themselves as self-professed nerds for anime. And it shows throughout Overwatch’s history, with various easter eggs to Dragon Ball Z, Re:Zero, and Ghost in the Shell. 

This was further bolstered with the One Punch Man crossover event in Season 3 of Overwatch 2, which saw Doomfist dress up as Saitama, Kiriko and Terrible Tornado, Soldier 76 as Mumen Rider, and Genji as Genos. 

And it seems the devs’ inner anime fan is once again on full display, as players have noticed a small JoJo reference hidden in the new upcoming Flashpoint map. 

During a livestream from the Overwatch devs revealing new details for the upcoming Overwatch 2: Invasion update, they showcased the two new maps which were coming into the game alongisde PvP game mode, Flashpoint. 

The two new, Suravasa and New Junk City, gave us our first look at how the mode functions and its general structure.

But eagle-eyed players noticed that during a free-roam camera shot of New Junk City, there were multiple billboards throughout the map of Junker Queen. Specifically, in a pose similar to the ever-popular Dio meme. 

Naturally, fans were excited by the JoJo reference, with many players wondering if it would be turned into a spray, or perhaps, a full-fledged JoJo crossover. 

OPM’s crossover came about because of a voice line referencing the anime, and perhaps we may get another such crossover in the future.

However, fans will have to wait until the release of Season 6 to see if the Junker Queen art would be turned into a spray, or even be a teaser for something bigger. 

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