Insane Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver trick lets new support catapult Cassidy above the map

Lifeweaver Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s newest support Lifeweaver has released with a crazy new tech involving their Life Grip ability, allowing them to catapult Cassidy into the air and onto higher ground.

The newest season of Overwatch 2 has arrived on the live servers, bringing about a heap of balance changes, a Brigitte ultimate rework, a new battle pass, and a new hero. Thai hero Lifeweaver has entered into the fray, bringing a unique take on the support role. Lifeweaver focuses more on positioning and helps their allies get out of sticky situations.

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Season 4 of Overwatch has only just begun, but players have already been finding interesting interactions between Lifeweaver’s abilities and other heroes. One of Lifeweaver’s abilities, Life Grip allows them to pull an ally to their location, shielding the teammate from danger in the process. This can be a fantastic tool for saving teammates that are caught out of position, or for saving your Genji who just solo-dived their backline.

But some creative players have already discovered a new technique involving Lifeweaver’s Life Grip, and it allows them to catapult Cassidy into the air and onto higher ground.

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Players discover Lifeweaver interaction with Cassidy’s combat roll

Well-known YouTuber and Streamer Seagull discovered that whilst playing Cassidy, a well-timed Life Grip can cause you to go flying up into the air in whatever direction you choose.

According to Seagull, this interaction happens because Life Grip is supposed to stop the targetted ally at Lifeweaver’s location. However, if Cassidy uses their Combat Roll early when being Life Gripped, he isn’t able to be stopped, causing him to fly in whatever direction they Combat Rolled in.

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This could result in a pretty devastating combo, as it allows Cassidy to reposition themselves vertically instead of just horizontally, allowing them to reach higher ground than what is generally intended.

Players are curious to see if using Cassidy’s High Noon would work during this interaction, transforming a mediocre ultimate into a devastating one-shot from above.

It’s uncertain if this interaction is intentional from Blizzard, so it may be possible we see this insane combo removed sometime in the future. For now though, be sure to keep an eye out up high for this wild trick.

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