Overwatch 2 players fear another Bastion ban after potentially “game-breaking” bug

Bastion in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch 2 exploit can give Bastion a potentially “game-breaking” DPS buff and players are worried that the devs will disable him in ranked.

Bastion’s time in Overwatch 2 was cut short early on in Season 1 after a bug resulted in his ultimate being able to fire off multiple artillery strikes. Now, he might be on the chopping block yet again.

The exploit, amazingly, is once again thanks to Kiriko – the game’s newest support hero. This isn’t the first time that Kiriko has had buggy interactions with other characters either. Notably, she caused Mei to be disabled after a glitch with her Ice Wall let Kiriko shoot through solid objects.

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Now, Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush ultimate is believed to be buffing Bastion way beyond the ways that it’s supposed to by giving the Omnic a permanent fire rate increase even when he dies, but not everyone is convinced.

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard
Bastion’s DPS gets a huge buff thanks to a Kiriko bug.

Overwatch 2 exploit gives Bastion fire rate “buff”

In a post on the Competitive Overwatch Reddit, user ‘pennyinthecity’ showed off how players can give Bastion a permanent “buff” with Kitsune Rush.

First, players must be in turret form and Kitsune Rush is active, but you can end it early if they want. Next, you need to use your Primary Fire and eventually, use your Configuration: Artillery before Kiriko’s ultimate ends.

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As noted by the user, the amount of primary fire shots affect your ammo while Bastion is bugged, but the increased fire rate will persist even if he dies.

The only way that Bastion’s new buffed fire rate will revert back is if the player changes heroes or you use your Artillery ultimate again.

In the comments, concerned players were worried that Bastion would be banned once again while Kiriko wouldn’t be touched.

“Back to the vault Bastion,” one remarked.

“Bastion is getting removed again from the game,” said another.

Some, however, aren’t worried. One user explained that the bug seems to only be a visual issue on the client side and it doesn’t actually affect DPS.

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We’ll have to see what Blizzard decides to do, but for now, Bastion has the potential to seriously dominate the game if this exploit goes unchecked.