Overwatch 2 players demand “game-changing” UI feature for Support heroes

Support players are often the unsung heroes of Overwatch 2 and a simple UI addition could make their lives much easier.

Overwatch 2 implements several series-altering changes, such as a free-to-play structure and 5v5 format. Both alterations raised eyebrows, however, more minor UI changes stirred up controversy.

The Overwatch community blasted the new victory cards, and TimTheTatman claimed the developers made “unnecessary changes” to the UI and rank icons. On the surface, user interface features don’t make much difference, but even minor improvements can go a long way.

A PvE mode is scheduled to come to OW2 in 2023. Players astutely pointed out a UI feature included in one of the mode’s trailers that some believe will be a “massive game-changer” for Support players.

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Overwatch 2 invisible enemyBlizzard
Zenyatta is one of the most popular Support heroes in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 players demand team health bar feature

Reddit user DisciplineHead7005 noticed a team health bar feature shown in an OW2 trailer and argued: “I think this genuinely needs to be in the game. It would help a lot.”

By seeing your team’s health as a Support user, you would have a much better understanding of when and who to heal and when to properly use an Ultimate Ability. It cuts out the tedious step of players having to tell Support players their health status manually.

Over 10,000 users upvoted the post, and commenters rallied around the idea.

One player responded, “It’s really brilliant; I wonder why it’s not in the game yet.”

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Blizzard has added community-requested features in the past, and one player suggested the idea should be posted in the Overwatch Official format because “they might implement it.”

The Reddit user followed through and posted it in the forum.

The forum post has over 5,500 views and over 1,000 likes, but there is no guarantee it ever will become an official feature.