Overwatch 2 players blast new Victory cards amid departure from 6v6 matches

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Overwatch 2 has players less than impressed with its new iteration of Victory cards, as one vital flaw has been pointed out amid the game’s change to 5v5 matches.

Overwatch 2 dropped on October 4 and while Blizzard’s shooter has largely satisfied patient players, there have undoubtedly been some hiccups during its launch period.

Whether you’re a Tank, Support, or Damage player, it’s always nice to see your efforts rewarded in Overwatch’s end-of-match cards. The developers have made some drastic changes to how players are appreciated in-game, as end-of-match cards are currently non-existent.

On top of this, the game’s victory cards have now become a bittersweet moment, as the developers have seemingly dismissed Overwatch 2’s change to 5v5 battles.

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Overwatch 2 players demand fixes for end-of-match cards

As new and existing players jump into Overwatch 2, it won’t be long until their first win is secured. End-of-match cards are a great moment to share the win together, though players have already taken issue with how these cards are depicted.

Redditor GhettoKawaiiQueen brought to light the odd Victory card, explaining “I wish they’d reposition the end cards for 5v5, it truly makes it feel like 1 person is missing.”

Their image showcases a hard-earned win on the Hollywood map, but the card still leaves an awkward space for a missing sixth player.

It is likely this is a bug overlooked by the developers, as pointed out by a fellow Overwatch player: “This seems like a bug since end screen always dynamically scaled to number of people.”

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Despite this, other players haven’t hesitated to vent their frustrations with the quality of Overwatch 2 upon launch.

One player, Naiko32, was left stunned: “ain’t no way they left it like this lol.” Another disgruntled player responded to re-affirm “yes way, they literally left it like that lol… half-assed everything about OW2.”

“Kinda bums me out. Also can we bring back commending the enemy team” added GhettoKawaiiQueen.

Though the developers haven’t addressed the bug directly, it seems that the issue has been ironed out in the game’s recent updates.