Overwatch 2 players uncover secret PvE content in classic map

overwatch 2 areaBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is finally live and players have been discovering all sorts of new additions to the classic game including some surprise teases of things to come.

While Overwatch 2 hasn’t launched with PvE content, the cooperative story mode is still planned for 2023 and will see players return to maps of old in exciting ways.

Although not much is currently known about the PvE modes, there have been some major in-game discoveries dating back to the first OW2 beta such as an expanded area of King’s Row.

Now, players have done some digging and have found a way to access a brand new portion of Havana that they believe was made for the upcoming PvE missions.

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New Overwatch 2 Havana area discovered

In a post on Reddit, Overwatch 2 player ‘jonnyjonnystoppapa’ explained they were able to access the new area by going into spectator mode in a custom game.

By pressing CTRL+I, players can clip through walls and check out the new area for themselves.

In photos, you see how a blockade where players normally push the payload, but now that area has a lot of new stuff for PvE and even wraps around the side of the brewery.

There are also some new buildings that players can access, catwalks, and other features that will likely be filled up in an actual PVE mode.

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“This is very similar to the new brewery area we’ve seen for King’s Row PvE. We’ve also seen some new doors and buildings on Eichenwalde which indicate a new PvE area but it hasn’t been fleshed out like the others,” the user added.

Overwatch 2 is still in its infancy, but as the game rolls on, expect to see more info about upcoming modes and features revealed. One new secret mode discovered by players even seems to suggest that a Battle Royale could be in the works for the hero shooter.