Overwatch players share final in-game moments as servers go down for OW2

Overwatch 1 goes offline for ow2Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch servers have finally gone down in preparation for the sequel’s launch, resulting in players sharing their favorite experiences from the first game and their final moments.

Overwatch 2 is finally going live on October 4, and with it, the original game is being morphed into OW2. To prepare, the devs have taken the first game offline – meaning fans have played their final matches in a 6v6 setting.

The bittersweet goodbye sent shockwaves through the community with many wanting to get just one last match in for nostalgic sake.

In multiple social media posts, players revealed some of their last moments from the first game, as well as a special in-game message sent by Blizzard right before the servers were turned off.

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Overwatch players say goodbye to Blizzard hero shooter

Right as the servers went offline, Blizzard themselves sent a message to everyone actively playing, thanking them.

“Even the best journeys end, but a new one is right around the corner. Thank you, heroes! See you October 4!” it said.

Others celebrated by creating an epic party on Hanamura’s second point using an assortment of dance emotes. Clips of the party went viral on Twitter, amassing over 300,000 views.

Some shared their favorite moments from the game, such as staying up late on school nights to watch the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Professional OWL players, as well as retired ones in Korea such as Carpe, Profit, and Jjonak, even created a special scrim lobby for one last taste of high-level competition.

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For some, it might be a somber moment to see Overwatch 1 go away, but at least the second is coming very soon and could create many more spectacular moments in the years ahead.