Overwatch 2 players call out the one hero that “ruins the game” on console

Theo Burman
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players who play on console have had enough of one of the heroes from the game’s roster, and they’ve branded them as a character that “ruins the game”.

With a huge roster of playable heroes, it’s only natural that some are going to end up stronger than others. But for console players, it looks like one hero in particular is flying higher than the rest of the bunch.

It’s gotten so bad that players have taken to the Overwatch subreddit to voice their anger about this character- and they’re not alone in their frustrations. The hero in question? Pharah.

Overwatch 2 players brand Pharah as game-ruining on console

For one console player, Pharah has been a dominant presence in Overwatch 2, and many other players agreed. On the Overwatch subreddit, one player posted a rant, saying:

“Pharah ruins the game on console. I always play QuickPay and we’re all having fun until a tryhard swaps Pharah and the whole game turns to sh*t. This has been happening for years I f*cking despise Pharah.”

pharah in overwatch 2

Several other players chimed in with their take on the situation, with one console user pointing out that what made Pharah so strong was the potential to be paired with Mercy for the “Pharmercy strategy”.

“Pocketed Pharah is the most frustrating hero in the game to deal with. There is nothing worse than fighting pocketed enemies, or finally getting a pick only to have mercy get off a bullsh*t revive.” They said.

One of the big issues with fighting a Pharah on console is the lack of a mouse when aiming, which is what makes hitscan heroes so strong against her on PC. Aiming with a controller is going to be more of a struggle when trying to hit a moving target in the air.

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