Overwatch 2 players fed up of “Ximmers” ruining games on console

Michelle Cornelia
Soldier 76 in Overwatch

Console Overwatch 2 players are frustrated with those who dominate lobbies using mouse and keyboard, which seems to be more prominent with the latest bullet changes.

The console experience for competitive games hasn’t always been the smoothest. Looking at Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends and Call of Duty, these games have their own share of players who abuse mouse and keyboard to stomp others on console, and Overwatch 2 is no different.

Players who pull this off use a device that allows their mouse and keyboard input to be recognized as a controller. This gives them the upper hand when it comes to aiming, and it’s especially more prominent on certain heroes in Overwatch 2.

Now that the current season has introduced some game-wide changes to the game, console Overwatch 2 players can’t help but share their complaints. A user has shared their latest experience in a Reddit thread, claiming that high rank is “tormented by Ximmers.”

“Almost every game you play has a pocketed Hitscan hero playing with a XIM. Now, with the increased bullet size, it feels like there’s not much you can do except go into fetal position and take your beating,” they explained.

Many players in the comments agreed with the OP, and some of them even shared their frustrating encounters with Ximmers.

“Lost 10 games in a row this morning. 8 had an obvious Ximmer, and 4 of those 8 had the same Ximmer Mercy pocket duo. Competitive console queue is a f****ing joke right now,” one person wrote.

dva in overwatch 2

Some players in the comments also shared a similar experience, claiming that it’s frustrating to go against a Ximming hitscan player who gets pocketed, especially by an “e-kitten mercy.”

“I’m seeing Ximmers in f***ing Plat. It’s ridiculous,” mentioned another. 

Meanwhile, one player pointed out that it’s a “nightmare” going against the same Ximming 4 stack in a row, saying that if devs don’t do something soon, the community will “die out.”

Overall, it’s clear that players are dissatisfied with their experience on console. However, devs are aware of this, and it’s confirmed that a XIM detection feature will be added.

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