Overwatch 2 players demand Pharah nerfs as DPS hero dominates the meta

Michael Gwilliam
pharah in overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 community is rallying the devs to make some adjustments to Pharah as the aerial rocket hero is dominating the meta from the skies.

Ever since her rework, Pharah has quietly crept up in viability as players learned how to make use of her mobility tools.

Now, Pharah players are finding it easier than ever to confirm kills with her faster rocket speed, decreased self-damage, and larger HP pool that allows the hero to play more aggressively.

Additionally, the DPS character is no longer as dependent on a Mercy pocket, meaning she’s become a major problem in the skies while flying solo. As such, high-level players and casual alike are calling on Blizzard to make some balance changes to her in the next patch.

“I am on my hands and knees begging for a Pharah nerf!” exclaimed flex support pro Landon.

“I will give Blizzard my left nut if we nerf Pharah asap!” echoed Twitch streamer Jay3.

The conversation also spread to Reddit, where players moaned about how Pharah isn’t “healthy for the game.”

“Pharah needs to be looked at more closely because she is extremely unbalanced and it’s very easy to get value with her,” wrote a Redditor in a post that has been upvoted 1.6K times. “It’s very frustrating for those who play against her.”

Sure enough, the user provided their Pharah stats for Season 11, revealing a whopping 37-3 record with the DPS.

Whether the devs choose to take action remains to be seen, but the hero has created a major shift that players want to see adjusted sooner rather than later.

The devs have, however, confirmed a series of major tank improvements coming either later in Season 11 or at the start of Season 12, but they may not be enough to deal with the threat in the skies unless the developers do something to clip Pharah’s wings.