Overwatch 2 players debate which character has the worst ultimate ability

Filip Krawanski
doomfist in overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players started an interesting discussion about which hero has the worst ultimate ability in the entire game, and while some names are repeated more often than others, there are a lot of suggestions for the title from the community.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 is a complex game featuring characters with robust kits, passive abilities, different types of basic attacks, and signature ultimate abilities.

Each one of those has to have its place in gameplay and work seamlessly with the hero’s identity which is not easy to achieve. Some abilities turn out way too strong, some turn out too weak, Overwatch 2 is a live-service game so adjustments or complete overhauls of abilities are a common occurrence.

Ultimate abilities are special in this regard because they are supposed to be very strong and threatening, just the thought that enemy Reinhardt might have his ultimate up should affect how your team will approach the next fight.

But sadly, not all of the ultimate abilities have the ability to stop the enemy team in their tracks, some are just laughably underpowered.

Overwatch 2 players discuss the worst ultimate ability in the game

Redditor BigDaddyJuno shared their opinion about their pick for the worst ultimate ability in the Overwatch subreddit, which started quite the debate.

“Which hero has the worst ultimate in the game and why is it Doomfist,” the post’s title reads. Juno stated in his post that Doomfists ultimate doesn’t seem to work properly sometimes, and even when it does the damage is not sufficient to threaten the enemy team.

The top-voted response to the post nominates Bastion, roasting the hero’s ultimate ability by stating: “Bastion has 3 doom fist ults that get kills every once in a multiverse.”

A lot of denizens of the Overwatch Reddit seem to agree with Juno that Doomfist deserves the title as most use it as his private escape from a sticky situation, which is undeserving of being called an ‘ultimate’ ability. Others continue to point at other potential candidates, with many picking Cassidy’s high noon.

“Cassidy’s high noon. I’m sorry it’s just a free reload past diamond,” reads one comment. Many replies found a lot of practical use cases for high-level play, but everyone seems to agree that Cassidy’s ultimate is actually bad at the one thing it’s supposed to do, which is kill enemy Heroes.

But Hero balancing is probably the least of Blizzard’s concerns right now, as the community is getting increasingly more vocal about the matchmaking system which pits Top 500 players against silver-ranked ones, resulting in very one-sided matches that are no fun for either side.

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