Overwatch 2 players slam full-price Legendary Junkrat skin for just adding a hat

aviator junkrat skinBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are not big fans of a new Junkrat Aviator skin, claiming the skin just adds a hat to his default while costing 1,200 coins.

Skins in Overwatch 2 have been a hot topic for quite a while now with players often enraged by the high prices for cosmetics in the shop and Junkrat’s Aviator skin is no exception.

Junkrat received a redesign in Overwatch 2, adding goggles to the hero while changing his attire’s color from mustard yellow to dark red, and he has had some pretty good skins over the years.

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However, Aviator isn’t one of those beloved skins. According to fans, the skin should be free, and the Legendary item just isn’t worth the price.

Overwatch 2 Junkrat skin blasted for being default with a hat

When the skin first went on sale on September 14, Overwatch 2 news account ‘OWCavalry’ posted a photo of the Junkrat cosmetic and fans were quick to chime in.

“Bro they deadass put a hat on the default skin and marked $12. I’m f**king crying,” one remarked.

“Skin so bad, that it should be free. They just put hats on characters and call it legendary/epic,” another chimed in.

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“They literally just gave him a hat,” mocked Overwatch content creator NyanSox.

Some, however, have found something to enjoy about the skin despite its flaws. One player found the skin worked well with the target weapon charm matching the goggles, but still commented how the skin was Junkrat’s “worst” in OW2.

So far, the devs haven’t responded to the backlash, but on the bright side, at least the skin doesn’t have any negative attributes that could mess up one’s aim such as the “pay to lose” Ashe skin from earlier this year.

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