Overwatch 2 finally releases Zombie Mercy skin and there’s a cheap way to get it

Overwatch 2 Zombie Doctor MercyBlizzard

Overwatch 2 has finally released the highly anticipated Zombie Mercy skin, and players have discovered a cheaper way to get it using the hero gallery.

Mercy is arguably one of the most iconic characters in all of Overwatch 2. The staff-wielding Swiss medic has become synonymous with the support role, becoming a fan favorite thanks to her low-skill floor and ease of use.

Part of the reason why many Overwatch players love Mercy is her immaculate design. With angelic wings that help her float through the battlefield, players absolutely adore her. It’s no wonder why Blizzard releases so many skins for the hero, as players seemingly can’t get enough of her.

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One Mercy skin that had players keen was the new Zombie Doctor Mercy which sees the good doctor take a more sinister form. Fortunately, the devs have been graceful enough to release the skin into the store, causing a mass frenzy from players. However, some players have discovered a cheaper alternative way of grabbing the skin that instead uses the hero gallery.

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The Zombie Doctor Mercy bundle in the Overwatch 2 store costs 1600 Overwatch Coins and includes both the skin and a weapon charm accessory. While the accessory is kind of nice, many players simply just wanted to grab the skin itself.

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Players have discovered that instead of using the in-game store to purchase the bundle, they can use the hero gallery to opt out and just purchase the skin for 1000 Coins. This is roughly $6 cheaper than the bundle, and you only miss out on the charm by doing so.

This method can also work for other items in bundles as well, as players can purchase items individually from the hero gallery rather than spending more on larger bundles.

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