Brutal Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver prank makes players uninstall after costing easy win

Michael Gwilliam
lifeweaver laughing in overwatch 2

A must-see Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver misplay is going viral after players warned they’d uninstall if it ever happens to them.

Overwatch 2 is a team-based game that requires good coordination with your allies to emerge victorious. That means combining abilities together, calling out enemy positions, and working together as a unit.

The game’s latest hero, Lifeweaver, has been pretty controversial since his launch due to how team-oriented his kit is. He can be effective when teams know how to get the most out of Lifegrip and Petal Platform.

Unfortunately, the hero’s Petal Platform doesn’t need others to verify its activation like they do with Symmetra’s Teleporter and the results can be catastrophic and even cost teams entire games.

Lifeweaver costs Overwatch 2 team easy win, makes players uninstall

In a post going viral on Twitter, a team had an easy path to victory on Havana, having wiped their opponents and only needed to push the payload inches further.

Right as the team was about to cross the yellow box of victory, the squad’s Lifeweaver threw a Petal Platform that lifted everyone but one player into the air right as time expired.

With no one on the payload, this Petal Platform ended up in a huge C9, essentially being a team version of Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate that players have used to force enemies off the point.

Video of the incident soon spread across social media with players frustrated at how easy it can be to grief and claimed they would uninstall if that happened to them.

“I would unironically have never opened the game again,” one said.

“Think this is the worst throw I’ve seen in video gaming,” gasped another.

Luckily, Lifeweaver does have more changes coming in the future that should hopefully make him a lot more fun to play and hopefully even remove any possibilities for trolling tactics such as this.

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