Overwatch 2 April 25 patch updates Lifeweaver’s controls, buffs new support

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A new Overwatch 2 patch has arrived on PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch consoles with some nice buffs to Lifeweaver.

The latest support hero, Lifeweaver, has had a bit of a lackluster launch with strange default controls, low healing and a passive that players felt helped the enemy team more than their own.

Luckily, the devs have stepped up quick with a slew of big changes for the new hero to make him much more fun to play.

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Primarily, they’ve completely revamped his default controls to make his secondary weapon more impactful while also adjusting some areas of his kit that were lacking: his healing and ultimate.

Plus, this patch also makes some matchmaking adjustments where a player’s rating would move up or down faster than intended, so hopefully this will lead to more quality games.

lifeweaver tree of lifeBlizzard Entertainment
Lifeweaver has been buffed quite a bit!

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes – April 25, 2023




Developer Comment: We’ve received feedback that Lifeweaver’s control settings leave much to be desired, especially on controllers. We agree and have updated the default control scheme along with adding a new hero option for those who prefer the previous layout. Additionally, we added the ability to cancel Petal Platform by pressing the button again, similar to how Tree of Life already works, in order to help simplify the controls and reduce the amount of ability buttons displayed. We hope these changes will make playing Lifeweaver approachable for more players.

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Lifeweaver’s Controls & Options have been changed, with a new default control scheme added:

  • Rejuvenating Dash has been moved from Ability 1 to Jump while in the air
  • Petal Platform has been moved from Secondary Fire to Ability 1
  • Petal Platform can now be manually destroyed with the Ability 1 input
  • Secondary Fire will now automatically swap to the Thorn Volley weapon and fire it, and while Thorn Volley is equipped, Primary Fire will weapon swap back to Healing Blossom and begin charging
  • Added a new Hero Option: “Use Manual Weapon Swap Control Scheme” which reenables the original control scheme for swapping weapons and changes the Rejuvenating Dash and Petal Platform ability assignments
  • Added a new Hero Option: “Interact Cancels Petal Platform” which reenables using the Interact input to destroy the Petal Platform and disables the Ability 1 input from destroying it
  • Diverged the Healing Blossom and Life Grip targeting sensitivity options so that they can be adjusted separately


  • Automatic reload time for the inactive weapon increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds

Healing Blossom

  • Ammo count increased to 20 from 12
  • Slow now steadily applies after 1 second of max charge being held

Thorn Volley

  • Projectile Size reduced from .125 to .1
  • Spread pattern adjusted, with random spread reduced. 1 of the 2 projectiles per shot now fires closer to the crosshair

Tree of Life

  • Health increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Healing pulse increased from 50 to 75

Parting Gift (Passive)

  • Parting gift has been removed



  • Fixed an issue where Tracer was missing in the Overwatch League themed lobby when low settings were enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ season three ranks would be modified when first logging into season four. Note that this patch will not immediately resolve for players who had already logged in to season four. We will be repairing these players in the coming days.
  • Fixed an issue where ranked players in Bronze 5 would see an incorrect percentage of progress towards the next division.
  • Fixed a number of edge cases where the matchmaker would be too uncertain about a player’s rating, and thus move their rating up or down faster than intended.



  • Fixed in a previous update – Fixed locations on the map that allowed players to escape the playable space.



  • Fixed an issue that caused Lifeweaver’s Camera height to be set too low.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Petal Platform hit volumes to misalign in some instances.
  • Petal Platform’s Icon will now correctly display status and remaining duration.
  • Addressed an issue where Life Grip could pull allies to the wrong location if cast from the enemy Petal Platform.
  • Life Grip now correctly pull targets unless specific conditions are met, such as using certain ultimates or the teleporter.
  • Improved Life Grip safety checks for various situations and locations.
  • Fixed in a previous update – Fixed a crash that could occur involving Junk Rat projectiles and dormant Petal Platforms.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tree of Life to not properly attach when placed on ledges.

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