Overwatch leaker claims hero bans are coming soon

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch leaker Metro revealed he’s received information that a major update will be coming to the game in the next few weeks.

Metro was one of the main leakers that shared information about Overwatch 2 before the game debuted at BlizzCon 2019.

Rumors of a substantial update have been circulating in the Overwatch community since streamer Emongg teased viewers that something big was in the works.

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Metro claimed in a January 20 Tweet that hero bans were something the dev team have been working to bring to the game.

“Big update for OW is rumored in a few weeks,” Metro wrote. “It is very likely that hero bans will be added to the game as the dev team has been working on them for a while!”

They did warn everyone to take this prediction “with a grain of salt,” which is always a good thing to do with these kinds of unconfirmed leaks.

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“Take this with a grain of salt, it’s a source different from the Blizzcon leaks,” Metro cautioned. “I do know they are working on hero bans and a bigger update is coming soon though, would make sense if it is the same thing!”

Exactly how hero bans would be implemented into Overwatch, which has never included the feature before, remains to be seen, but if developers have been working on it for a while as Metro said, it will be interesting to see how they make it work.

Blizzard - Overwatch
2020 could be a big year, even if Overwatch 2 doesn’t come out.

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While hero bans would certainly be a huge addition to Overwatch, Metro hinted that it might only be part of the “big” update coming in a few weeks.

We don’t have exact dates for any upcoming Overwatch changes, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the days the game gets updates, so keep an eye on the patch notes and stick with Dexerto for more information.