Overwatch cosplayer takes aim with incredibly accurate Widowmaker outfit - Dexerto

Overwatch cosplayer takes aim with incredibly accurate Widowmaker outfit

Published: 20/Jan/2020 0:57

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A skilled Overwatch cosplayer has literally become Widowmaker with an insanely good take on the sniper hero.

Widowmaker is one of the first-person shooter’s damage-per-second characters, and uses a sniper rifle to inflict deadly shots onto her enemies.

Cosplayer and streamer Leechu shared her cosplay of the poisonous hero, and it’s so accurate, it’ll have fans think she’s stepped right out of their TV screen.

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Amazing Overwatch cosplay

The character gets her name from the black widow spider, which is fitting considering she killed her husband Gérard Lacroix after the enemy team Talon reprogrammed her as a sleeper agent.


In Widow’s default skin, she wears a helmet shaped like a spider’s head with multiple red eyes. The Korean artist replicates this in her take, as well as her flowing black hair.

The DPS hero’s sniper rifle, Widow’s Kiss, scopes out enemies from long distances, and allows her to inflict headshots with ease. This is something that Leechu recreates with perfect accuracy in her shot, and makes for one of the best Overwatch cosplays we’ve ever seen.

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In another photograph, the streamer shows off her costume in its full glory, and completely nails the character’s purple and black bodysuit. She even got the makeup down to a T, mimicking her cold, blue skin effortlessly.


The cosplayer is shown slinging her Grappling Hook towards the camera in the shot, which Widowmaker uses when trying to flank or evade targets. This ties the whole thing together, and really gives the whole thing an ominous yet epic feel.

When paired with the dark, urban background, the atmosphere makes it feel as though you’re right in the freezing cold back alleys alongside the sniper who’s waiting for her prey.

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Leechu isn’t just an Overwatch cosplayer – she’s also been known to create outfits from other pop culture franchises such as Pokemon, Super Mario, and Re:Zero.


The Korean also streams on Twitch from time to time when not dressing up as her favorite characters.