New Overwatch 2 job listing implies big change on the way to in-game event schedule

Brad Norton

A brand-new Overwatch 2 job listing appears to have teased some big changes on the way to in-game events in the upcoming sequel. Not just in how future events may function, but also how often they’ll be making an impact.

While it’s been over two years since Blizzard revealed Overwatch 2, we’re still no closer to learning exactly what the sequel entails. Various leaks have hinted at upcoming characters, features, and even a potential Beta coming soon, yet very little has been confirmed from the developers themselves.

A fresh job listing on Blizzard’s careers page, however, may have just revealed some new details. 

Since the original game launched in 2016, players have been treated to six unique events across those six years. These events follow the same annual cycle, reintroduce much of the same content, and lately, have contained fewer skins than ever before.

This trend finally appears set to change with the release of Overwatch 2 though, as this new job listing confirms more expansive in-game events are currently in the pipeline.

Overwatch 2 pve
Overwatch 2 appears to be doubling down on limited-time in-game events.

Blizzard is currently on the hunt for an Associate Events Producer to join the Overwatch team. Seeking experience on games with live service models, this role looks to “drive a new generation of in-game live event content.”

With current events doing little to push the envelope, this new team member will be responsible for creating a range of “diverse gameplay experiences.” While no specifics were outlined, the listing did confirm that future events will feature across both “competitive and co-op game modes.”

Beyond the typical snowball fights and capture the flag modes we’ve seen for years in the Winter Wonderland and Lunar New Year events respectively, Overwatch 2 should come with entirely “new event concepts,” according to the job description.

This could force storylines in new directions or even celebrate a range of real-world occasions missed by the current Overwatch schedule. Regardless of where new events go, it’s clear fans can expect a more jam-packed yearly roadmap moving forward.

overwatch lunar new year prosperity ashe epic skin 2022
We could also see more expansive in-game events for existing occasions in Overwatch 2.

We’ll have to wait and see just how ambitious in-game events may be in Overwatch 2. Though it’s clear the live-service model will be ramping up in a number of ways following the sequel’s release.

If you’ve missed out on any recent reveals surrounding the highly-anticipated sequel, fear not. Be sure to get up to speed with everything we know about Overwatch 2 thus far.