Is Overwatch 2 getting a scoreboard? On Fire meter removed from playtest

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Overwatch 2 seems to finally be doing away with its On Fire meter and some players believe this could indicate that the sequel could be introducing something fans have wanted for a long time: a scoreboard.

If you’ve ever played Overwatch, you’ll know that, unlike most shooters, there’s no way of knowing exactly how well your teammates or enemies are performing unless you have your eyes glued to the killfeed. And even that doesn’t tell the whole story.

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While the game does keep track of your deaths, kills, eliminations, healing and damage done, you only know how well you’re doing compared to your teammates based on the medal and On Fire systems.

Luckily, Overwatch 2 could be getting away with it altogether and replacing them with something else to provide more in-depth stats.

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Is Overwatch 2 really getting a scoreboard?

On Fire meter removed from Overwatch 2 pro playtest

In footage of Overwatch League pros competing on several maps, YouTuber Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan spotted that the On Fire meter was missing.

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“Realistically, it was an outdated mechanic that no one really cared about,” KarQ stated before explaining how On Fire worked in the game.

In the Overwatch 2 build, however, the meter is gone, but players still receive a weighted number pop up after every elimination, something KarQ suspects is because of a combat score being implemented. (segment begins at 2:15)

Being able to have more stats regarding how your individual or even your team’s performance could be a nice touch and really give players a breakdown of how they contributed.

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So far, it’s not exactly clear on what the developers have planned, but it’s unlikely they continue with the same overly simplistic numbers players had in the first game.

As Overwatch 2 approaches closer to a beta and its rumored launch in 2022, hopefully, we can hear more and even see what the developers at Blizzard have cooked up for the sequel.

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