Overwatch 2 “leaked” beta screenshots proven fake ahead of reveal

Bill Cooney
Overwatch 2 heroes
Blizzard Entertainment

A series of ‘leaked’ images showing an Overwatch 2 beta prompt and a hero select screen were proven to be fake after the original creator revealed it was part of a fan-made project.

Overwatch 2 has been in development for a long time with no release date in sight. However, a series of ‘leaked’ images provided a breath of fresh air to players desperately longing for new information — at least for a moment.

After the images surfaced online, they immediately gained traction because they showed a screen promoting players to download the beta. It also included a hero select screen with brand new heroes. However, it turned out to be fake.

The ‘leaked’ screenshot showed what appeared to be an open beta prompt.

A graphic designer user named NYXL Zenofy came forward with the news after seeing the images circulating online.

“I was working on a fan-made OW2 UI Project and commissioned the amazing Axiominus to make some hero portraits for the project,” he said.

He also revealed that he wasn’t the one who ‘leaked’ them. “I made the designs and posted them in a Discord server, where someone took them out of context and posted them on… 4chan of all things.”

Zenofy did admit that he was “glad” people thought the images were real, but only because it’s a testament to his skill.

“Everyone who follows me knows that I do love trying to make accurate and calculated stuff,” he said. “I’m glad people thought the designs were real despite the fact that I mocked them up in [less than] 30 mins.”