Overwatch 2 gives players free skin and bonus XP as compensation for launch issues

Cursed Captain Reaper OW2Twitter: PlayOverwatch

After a rough launch, the Overwatch 2 developers are making it up to players with a free skin, weapon bling, and a bonus XP weekend.

Activision Blizzard has been putting out fires ever since Overwatch 2 launched on October 4. Between facing a DDoS attack to players not being able to transfer over their heroes or favorite skins, the first days of the new game have been rough.

Players have been asking the developers for a fix, sometimes going to extreme and inappropriate measures to express their disappointment.

The devs have clearly heard the complaints and issues, and are ready to make it up to the Overwatch 2 community.

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Activision Blizzard announces free skin and bonus XP for Overwatch 2 players

On October 11, the Overwatch 2 team announced a series of rewards that will be available to players as a way to make up for the rocky launch.

Players who log into Overwatch 2 during Season 1 will get a new Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin, as well as a Health Pack Weapon Charm.

The developers also assured players they would be hosting a double XP weekend to help players grind the new battle pass with ease.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear players are satisfied with these measures, as the replies to the tweet are filled with complaints about the still-buggy state of the game or some of the changes.

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“What’s the point of double match xp when you got rid of account levels?” one player asked, referring to the change to a battle pass system.

Another said, “Reaper skin is very nice but that doesn’t make up for how predatory your item shop is. No one’s paying £20 for a skin.”

It’s clear that for many Overwatch 2 players, there is a ways to go to getting the game to a proper state. However, the developers definitely are not ignoring their community.