Overwatch 2 dev calls cops on Twitch streamer after threats over missing heroes

Overwatch 2 dva police stationBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 dev said he alerted authorities after a Twitch streamer threatened him over a bug causing heroes to go missing for returning players.

Overwatch 2’s launch was quite disastrous to say the least. In addition to DDoS attacks keeping players from being able to start the game, there were numerous bugs that prevented returning fans from accessing their content.

One major issue stems from the “first time user experience” that sees newcomers to the Overwatch universe gradually unlock heroes as they play to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

This unfortunately has impacted veteran players resulting in them losing heroes in their roster. Needless to say, they’re not happy, so much so that some have issued threats to the devs.

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Starter heroes in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2’s launch is recovering after a series of issues.

Twitch streamer accused of threatening Overwatch 2 dev

In a post on Twitter, Twitch streamer ‘benjiyrn’ posted screenshots of a conversation he had with Andy Belford, a community manager for Blizzard.

Benjiyrn took issue with paying $50 for the first game and then missing content in OW2 and made some threatening remarks over it.

“See me in the streets, n***a. It’s on site,” he said, seemingly implying that an attack would happen in person.

After Andy responded by telling the streamer this was a bug they were working on fixing, Benjiyrn shot back, demanding, “sort that out ASAP. Last time tellin u.”

ow2 dev threatsTwitter
The OW2 dev says he alerted authorities over the threats.

“And now I am informing the authorities,” Andy replied before appearing to block the streamer.

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In the comments, many Overwatch fans, including Overwatch League caster Legday, supported the dev and blasted the streamer for his threatening remarks. It’s not known if police have contacted the streamer or if they’re investigating.

While there is no excuse for the comments, hopefully, the developers can get the issue with missing heroes sorted for everyone as OW2 continues to bounce back following its lackluster launch.