Overwatch 2 devs tease “interesting updates” for using keyboard and mouse on console

Filip Krawanski
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Developers of Overwatch 2 have given players a heads-up that “interesting updates” are heading for the console version of the game in regards to using keyboard and mouse to gain an advantage.

Console Overwatch 2 fans have been asking for a ban on mouse & keyboard aim assist “cheaters” for months now.

Some players are using XIM to gain an unfair advantage over fellow console players in Overwatch 2, XIM is a device that allows you to connect keyboard and mouse controls on a console, which naturally offers an advantage since mouse aiming in FPS games is generally more precise.

The real kicker is the fact that console aim assist still kicks in when using XIM, resulting in keyboard and mouse inputs with controller aim assistance.

OW2 Producer issues statement regarding K&M controls on console

Jared Neuss, an executive producer of Overwatch 2, replied to a Tweet asking for updates on the keyboard and mouse situation on console, giving hope to players who would like the unfair advantage removed from the game.

“We should have some interesting updates in the future but nothing to share just yet,” said Jared in his post.

The wait has been somewhat frustrating for Overwatch 2 players but the news of possible changes have been met with overwhelming positivity from the playerbase.

“Yes please, I’m sad to see the Top 500 on console being full of non-console players, just people using a xim or mnk to put their ego on another level,” wrote one player in response.

While the whole situation is going on much longer than anyone would’ve hoped, it is nice to see someone from the development team acknowledge the issue.

Blizzard seems to be on a hot streak of community outreach it seems, earlier this week they sat down to address Overwatch 2 server connectivity concerns raised by the community, fixing the issues within hours of reports being made.

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