Console Overwatch 2 players plead for ban on mouse & keyboard aim assist “cheaters”

Michael Gwilliam
widowmaker on eichenwalde on overwatch 2

Console gamers are calling on Blizzard to do something about mouse and keyboard users dominating games finally.

Everyone knows that it’s much easier to aim with a mouse than with a thumbstick, but this has resulted in some significant issues with Overwatch fans.

The use of add-ons such as the Xim have resulted in an influx of M&K users on console playing Overwatch 2, but it’s far more powerful than on PC, because the aim assist still kicks in.

With hacks easily applied to these adapters such as aimbot, players are demanding that the Overwatch 2 devs get their heads in the game and do something about this growing issue.

Cheaters are ruining Overwatch 2 on console

In a post on Reddit that’s been gaining traction, users voiced their frustration about the state of console play and Blizzard’s silence on the topic.

“This is very normalized amongst Xbox players on ‘competitive’ games, and the numbers are growing on PlayStation. This is very concerning, having even Ubisoft addressing it in the past few weeks,” a user commented, referencing how Rainbow 6 is beginning to fight back against cheaters.

Soldier 76 uses tactical visor
Overwatch 2 console players are fed up with cheaters.

“Unfortunately, Blizzard hasn’t said a thing, and it’s very very unfortunate to play against those very good players using their mouse with aim assist and other scripts when you only have an old stick to control with your thumb. Reporting them, for one doesn’t do anything because they don’t get banned at all,” the user added.

In the comments, many agreed and called on Blizzard to do something to ban Xim users, remarking how the use of aim assist only amplifies the problem.

However, some users believe that detecting the use of a mouse and keyboard is an issue of its own and something Blizzard might not have the tools to do at the moment.

In any case, with other games like Rainbow 6 Siege taking aim at cheaters on console, hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before Blizzard finds a way to deal with it as well.