Overwatch 2 dev confirms new cosmetic types teased in old trailers are “on hold”

Jeremy Gan

New cosmetic types which were teased in old trailers for Overwatch 2 have been confirmed to now be “on hold” by developer Jared Neuss, but may make an appearance one day down the line. 

When Overwatch 2 was announced in 2019 much was promised coming up to its eventual 2022 release. New PvE story modes, a new game mode in Push, and a whole host of new cosmetic types were just the tip of the iceberg. 

And quite a lot was delivered with the launch of the second game. Push has been long in rotation, reworks to roles and heroes are in effect, and we do have some new cosmetics in the form of charms. 

However upon Overwatch 2’s release players have been decrying many missing features, with the missing PvE mode being a main point of criticism. And one player, in particular, noticed a few other overlooked new cosmetic types which never made it to the server.

Specifically, old footage teased both banners and a thumbs up and thumbs down emote. Neither of which have been seen since. 

Jared Neuss, executive producer for Overwatch, responded to the tweet, saying, “on hold at the moment but it’s possible they’ll make an appearance at some point.” However, as to when they might come into the game remains to be seen.

And various players naturally questioned other missing cosmetic functions which never made it. With the teased weapon inspection being a main asking point as well. With one player speculating that it will release at the same time as the banners and new emotes. 

“I’m guessing all of these things like weapon inspect animations will release at the same time.” they said

Neuss has already once stated that weapon inspections weren’t a top priority for the dev team back in Season 3. However, he did add it would come to the game no earlier than Season 6. 

So hopefully Blizzard will deliver the teased cosmetics functions at some point, perhaps before the PvE story mode which many are still waiting on.  

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