Overwatch 2 community in total disarray as Ramattra skin gives hero shiny toenails

Overwatch 2 Ramattra skinBlizzard

A recent tweet from the Overwatch 2 team is going viral after the account posted an image of Ramattra’s new Poseidon skin, including a close-up of the character’s feet.

The newest event in Overwatch 2 – Battle for Olympus – is all about the Greek gods. With new skins based on some of the most iconic figures in ancient Mythology. The Battle for Olympus in-game event introduces new skins, a fresh game mode, and much more, all in the theme of Greek Mythology. 

One such skin that is up for grabs is a new Ramattra skin that is inspired by the Greek god Posiden. And while the skin itself boasts an impressive design, one aspect of the new cosmetic is getting more attention than the rest.

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On the official Overwatch Twitter page, an image of Ramattra’s feet was shared, the account captioning the image: “Poseidon Ramattra has toenails. Discuss.”

Since it was posted, the tweet has already been flooded by comments from Overwatch players, with gamers expressing their utter shock at both the design and the actual post.

Overwatch League team San Francisco Shock commented that they “cannot believe I grew eyes for nine months in the womb only to see this tweet.” Fellow OWL team London Spitfire also wrote “the off-season is going well I see.” The Overwatch League Twitter page simply commented “nailed it” as a play on words for the shiny toenails.

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This new Overwatch 2 Ramattra Posiden skin isn’t the only Olympus-themed skin that players will be able to unlock. Battle for Olympus also includes a new Zeus-inspired skin for Junker Queen, a new Hades skin for Pharah and many more. 

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