Game-breaking Overwatch 2 bug makes Brigitte’s shield unbreakable with Kiriko

Overwatch Brigitte and Reinhardt gameplayBlizzard

A game-breaking Overwatch 2 bug has been discovered making Brigitte’s shield indestructible ⁠— again. When paired with fellow support hero Kiriko, she can being near-unkillable and a menace to the enemy team with this glitch.

Brigitte is in the firing line of the Overwatch community again. The support hero has been the ire of players since her release, and now she’s making headlines for the wrong reasons again.

A new bug has been discovered in Overwatch 2, making her shield indestructible. It requires a bit of synergy with fellow support hero Kiriko, but it’s very easy to replicate ⁠— and it has drastic effects on how the game plays out.

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Overwatch content creator Not Muda showcased it, and it’s as simple as raising a ‘broken’ Brigitte shield while under the effects of Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush. Because the new support’s ultimate reduces cooldowns among other things, there is a window where Brigitte can raise her shield up but with one health.

That one health is all you need, as nothing can seemingly carve through it. A Bastion mowing it down? A D.Va self-destruct? Nothing can crack through. Brigitte can’t use her Shield Bash while it’s glitched, but she can drop it momentarily to use other abilities or attack. As long as the shield doesn’t start regenerating, it will remain invincible.

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Not Muda also tested it with Reinhardt and Sigma, who are both unaffected by Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush. Reinhardt can pull his shield out early but it self-destructs, while Sigma straight up can’t activate the ability

It’s akin to a bug from the original Overwatch back in 2018, where yet another cooldown reduction glitch let Brigitte’s shield become indestructible despite being on one health. 

Given how easy the bug is to replicate, it’s likely Blizzard will take action by disabling the hero or pushing out a fix. Brigitte’s removal would be the fourth since the launch of Overwatch 2: Bastion and Torbjorn were temporarily taken down early on, while Mei has also since been disabled.

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It also comes amid discussions of a possible Brigitte rework, as touted by the game’s lead hero designer in Alec Dawson.

In the interim though, it’s just wait and see. However if you see this support duo of Brigitte and Kiriko in your Overwatch 2 games, be mindful of players abusing this glitch.