New Overwatch 2 leak is bad news as players hope for 2022 release date

New Overwatch 2 leak is bad news as players hope for 2022 release dateBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s development and release date has been a hot topic ever since the game was first announced, but a new leak is bad news for players who were hoping it would release sometime in 2022.

So far, we know just about everything there is to know about Overwatch 2. Blizzard has revealed everything from new heroes, modes, and maps to gameplay changes and more.

However, a release date still hasn’t been confirmed.

Even in their latest update on its development, they mentioned they would reveal more details about the game in the upcoming weeks and months. But again, they had nothing to add about its release date, which concerned players who hoped it would be ready in time for 2022.

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Now, it seems like their worst fears might be coming true after reliable leaker Metro revealed worrisome news about its release.

It’s not the first time he’s leaked concerning details about its development. But this time, it’s even worse.

overwatch 2 meiBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch players are getting cold feet while waiting for the sequel.

“I’ve heard from multiple people close to my original source with Overwatch 2 that the development is taking longer than expected,” he said.

“From what I can gather, a release in 2022 does not seem likely anymore.”

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Like many other players, he admitted he hopes the information is false and he’s proven wrong. However, if it turns out to be true — which is likely based on his track record — he thinks it will have devastating consequences for its predecessor as well.

“[There is] no way the game will be alive for another year and a half without major updates,” he said.

Its player base has been stagnant for a while now, and he thinks it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

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This leak is in slight contradiction with a statement earlier this week from Blizzard, which said the team had reached a significant milestone in development.

So as always, take these tidbits with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t sounds good for the future of Overwatch.

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