Mysterious Overwatch 2 map spotted ahead of developer livestream

Symmetra in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans have spotted a brand new map hidden during the OW2 release date trailer shown off at the June 12 Xbox Showcase.

In addition to Overwatch 2’s launch date, the trailer announced that the sequel would be free to play and included some secret details such as weapon charms, a mystery hero and even an unknown map.

While a lot of OW2 is scheduled to be revealed during a June 16 broadcast where the developers go into detail about the game and its newest hero, The Junker Queen, more maps could very well be on the docket too.

Of note, Overwatch fans noticed a very intriguing new location during the trailer that could be pointing to a new European map and potentially even a new game mode.

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New Overwatch 2 map discovered

In addition to previously-shown yet unreleased maps such as Rio de Janeiro and India, during the trailer, there is a segment where Ana is seen perched on a rooftop overlooking what some believe to be a European city.

While some players thought it looked a bit like the Italian deathmatch map Malevento, others have pointed out striking similarities between it and Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Primarily, the rooftops and large castle walls seem to line up with the Portuguese city, leaving some to suspect that more information about it is in the works.

It’s also possible that this new map is part of an unannounced game mode set to replace 2CP, as the mode is being removed in Overwatch 2. However, so far, no information about the new mode has been revealed.

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Regardless, there isn’t that much longer to wait until the June 16 stream where more information about Overwatch 2 and its next beta are finally announced.