Overwatch 2 fans convinced unreleased support hero just got revealed

Fox support hero in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch 2 support hero may have been spotted in the game’s most recent trailer on the June 12 Xbox Showcase.

In addition to revealing Overwatch 2’s launch date, the new Junker Queen hero and more, Blizzard seems to have snuck a series of hints into the latest trailer including a rumored hero.

While Blizzard clarified that Junker Queen would in fact be a tank hero, there have been several teases for a new support joining the game and we may already know a thing or two about them.

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At the 1:17 mark of the new trailer, several heroes on the Kanezaka death match map chase after a fox-like spirit that leaves behind a blue pathway to walk on. Players believe this fox could be the support hero they’ve been waiting for.

Is this Overwatch 2’s next support hero?

In a series of Reddit posts, Overwatch fans began to speculate about the fox and whether it’s a new hero or some sort of ability.

“In the second picture, [the heroes’] legs are lit up green, which implies that the path the fox is opening is speed boosting them, which is also a support ability!” one commented.

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“Not just their legs but Hanzo’s arms are also specifically lit up green with the aura. Perhaps the ability both provides a speed boost and a Weapon attack speed boost,” suggested another.

Overwatch 2 foxBlizzard Entertainment
Is this the next Overwatch 2 hero?

As others pointed out, this hero may even have been teased in 2021 and was in development back in 2019.

The word “yokai,” a Japanese word for supernatural spirits, was hidden in graffiti on the Kanezaka map and Blizzard released a mysterious letter referencing fox spirits on several occasions.

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Additionally, at BlizzCon 2019, Game Informer Executive Editor Andrew Reiner reported seeing silhouettes of four still-unannounced heroes with one appearing to be a “female with short hair. At her side and standing up to her knees was a fuzzy little critter with pointy ears and an equally pointy tail. It looked like a fennec fox, but with longer ears and a more aggressive stance.”

With more Overwatch 2 news set to be revealed on June 16, it’s likely we get more information on this hero very soon. Until then, let the speculation continue!

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