Mind-blowing Overwatch trick lets Zenyatta survive environmental kills

Zenyatta trick with trancBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players who main the Omnic monk Zenyatta should take note of an advanced trick they can perform to save themselves from environmental kills and near-certain death.

Zenyatta’s Transcendence does the most healing in the game by far at 300 per second. As such, it’s perfect for countering ultimates such as Dragon Blade, Tactical Visor, or others that deal damage over time.

Using Transcendence to keep your teammates alive is normally the best play, but there are other circumstances where using it just to save yourself can pay dividends.

Most of the time, when Zenyatta players use Transcendence to keep themselves alive, it’s because they’re under threat of dying from incoming damage, but as Overwatch League pro Kyung-bo ‘Alarm’ Kim showed, it can even help protect against environmental kills.

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Zenyatta activates TranscendenceBlizzard Entertainment
Transcendence can save Zenyatta from certain death.

During the Philadelphia Fusion’s Countdown Cup qualifier match against the Seoul Dynasty, Korean tank Jae-hee ‘Gesture’ Hong leapt into the enemy back line on Volskaya and attempted a series of environmental kills as Winston.

With Primal Rage activated, Gesture tried to knock Alarm off the map, but he used Transcendence just before being knocked up into the air.

Thanks to Transcendence’s speed increase, Alarm was able to use it to his advantage and get back onto the platform, not once, but twice. To top it all off, Gesture ended up getting hacked by a Sombra so he couldn’t even give chase.

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There are a couple of things to keep in mind with this play, however, so you don’t go around misusing this trick in your own games. The first is that because Alarm was knocked upwards, he had a far greater chance of making it back.

If he had of been sent straight ahead like if he had been booped from a Lucio or Pharah, the Transcendence wouldn’t have helped very much if at all and he would still have fallen to his demise.

The map would, however, end up being played to a draw with the Dynasty emerging victorious in the series 3-1, but it’s certainly possible that the only reason Volskaya tied was due to Alarm’s heroics and insane knowledge of Zenyatta.

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