Loverwatch meta jokes poke fun at lack of Overwatch 2 story content


The Loverwatch dating sim has Overwatch 2 fans raving about its writing and meta jokes, but one of the jokes made about a lack of story content involving Zenyatta has started a conversation in the OW2 community.

Overwatch 2’s launch revitalized the game in many ways, with player counts and Twitch viewership soaring higher than it had been in years. However, the way Overwatch 2 released wasn’t the way it was concieved.

Originally, Overwatch 2 was meant to release with its own single-player story content and campaign. While this aspect of the game is still in development, fans of Overwatch’s universe and characters are hungry for more story content.

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Zenyatta is a character that fans were hoping would get some more story content based around Ramattra’s release and the new map being focused around a monastery in Nepal, but he hasn’t had much attention. The Loverwatch developers didn’t shy away from calling out the Overwatch 2 team.

Loverwatch highlights Zenyatta after lack of Overwatch 2 content

Loverwatch 2 has been receiving rave reviews from Overwatch 2 fans far and wide for its fun and clever character writing. It has a series of deep-cut jokes that only long-time Overwatch players would truly understand.

Some of these poke fun at certain characters’ playstyles in game, like how annoying it is to shoot a Mercy player with good movement out of the sky. These jokes have struck a chord with the community, but there isn’t much to study beyond that.

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However, a joke made around the lack of Zenyatta content following a new map and hero that fit right into the story of the character has started a discussion within the community.

This comes right along with Zenyatta’s character introduction, and the joke reads: “How sad is it that the only place you can get Zenyatta content these days is the explicitly non-canon dating sim and that one short story?”

Clearly, the developers of Loverwatch are just as hungry for some new Zenyatta content as much of the Overwatch 2 community is. It’s important to keep in mind that Loverwatch was outsourced to a third-party developer as well, so this wasn’t a joke made by developers on the Overwatch 2 team.

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There are multiple reddit threads with fans raving about the jokes in the visual novel and the event as a whole. It’s a short and sweet distraction, a big change in comparison to the Battle for Olympus event. It seems like a great deal of Overwatch 2 players want to see more events like this in the future. Almost as much as they want new story content for Zenyatta.