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KarQ reveals every Overwatch map’s secret jump spots

Published: 9/Jun/2020 17:39

by Michael Gwilliam


Educational Overwatch YouTuber KarQ has created a brand new guide showing off some of the best-hidden jump spots on every map to give you an advantage over your opponents.

Gaining access to the high ground is key in Overwatch as it gives you more safety while allowing you to fire down on your foes freely. Sometimes getting to the high ground isn’t as complicated as going around the map to a flight of stairs – if you know where to look.

In his video, KarQ shared his best spots for every map in the game and some of these will absolutely blow your mind.


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One of the first major ones to take note of is on Temple of Anubis. Attackers can easily start to fight the enemy on the defenders’ high ground by going straight, jumping onto a sandbag, then some fabric, and finally onto the platform. Combine this with a Lucio Speed Boost and the enemy may not expect you to be in their face already.

On Volskaya Industries, any hero except big tanks can make it up to the roof of the building near the attackers’ first spawn. By pushing yourself into the corner and then jumping with no directional input, then again with a little bit of movement, you’ll be able to get roof access and maybe surprise opponents early on in the round.


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Hollywood has a really nice spot involving some haystacks on streets phase. By hopping onto a corner angle, you can further jump to the top of the stack and then onto a platform to give you a nice angle on the attackers.

Route 66 has a very unique jump in that it involves the payload. When the cart comes across to Big Earl’s, you can leap from the top of the payload and onto the gas station to contest defenders. It even works when the payload is moving around the corner.

KarQ has a favorite spot on Watchpoint Gibraltar. Using the forklift on streets phase, you can go up from the side to get up to a catwalk. By going from the side you can remain active in the fight while getting to the shuttle platform.


KarQ/Blizzard Entertainment
Using the forklift on Watchpoint can keep you active in the fight.

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One of the most practical jump spots on Lijang Night Market is near one of the ledges by the point. By hopping onto a soap dispenser-like object, you can get a great angle to shoot onto the point and land some cheeky shots.

Next time you’re in a ranked game, try to remember these spots and use them to your advantage to surprise your enemy and earn that sweet, sweet SR to rank up.